Friday, July 15, 2011

Albuquerque 2011

We went flew out to Albuquerque to see Papa Mel and Grandma Mary Ann.  The flights were fine considering Tink is 2 and didn’t always grasp the concept of staying seated and her seat belt fastened most times.  But I also had Raymond to deal with and he HATES flying.  We all did fine on the way out and got there none the worse for wear.

Day one we arrived at 3:00 Albuquerque time and Tink had not  gotten but 30 minutes on the flight between Dallas and Alb.  We grabbed some staple items at the store and got back to the house for dinner.  Dad had made smoked ribs the night before.  Dinner was wonderful but for Anora’s meltdown in the middle of it.

 Albuquerque 2011 003

This is a walk the Anora and Papa Mel took late the first night.  She walked almost 2 miles just trying to catch up with MaryAnn.  You would have thought she would have been pooped when she got back from that walk but she stayed up until 11:00 our time and fought us for a few more minutes with the grandparents.

Albuquerque 2011 002

This is day 2 we decides to go to the Alb. BioPark which is the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, And Zoo all in one area of town.  It was fun.  I always enjoys seeing the fish especially Saltwater fish they are so colorful.

Albuquerque 2011 007

Dad and Tink petting a Stingray.  I swear they would swim right up to the glass like they wanted you to interact with them.

Another big Ray in the Big fish tank.

Albuquerque 2011 026

Weird looking fish

Albuquerque 2011 015

Big fish in a big tank.

Albuquerque 2011 018

We called this guy Dude Crush like in Finding Nemo Smile

Albuquerque 2011 028


At the Gardens Papa taking Anora to look at ducks on the pond.

Albuquerque 2011 049

The butterfly house.  I could have stayed in here forever just taking pictures of the beautiful insects with the beautiful flowers. 

Albuquerque 2011 063Albuquerque 2011 065Albuquerque 2011 066Albuquerque 2011 067Albuquerque 2011 068

Later that day at Grandparents house we got some pictures.

Albuquerque 2011 078Albuquerque 2011 079Albuquerque 2011 081

Day 2  at the Alb. Natural History Museum.

Albuquerque 2011 084Albuquerque 2011 085

I love this picture.  It looks like T-Rex is biting her head and she is so happy about it.

Albuquerque 2011 087

This is next to a Brachiosaurus foot.  You know long neck?Smile 

Albuquerque 2011 103Albuquerque 2011 111Albuquerque 2011 120

I love the look on her face in this one.  Looks like a dinosaur came to life.

Albuquerque 2011 121Albuquerque 2011 122Albuquerque 2011 143

This is later that night Dad went to get his truck back from the paint shop.  This is a custom 1955 Chevy Cameo Pickup.  It sits on an S-10 frame has air-conditioning, electric seats, very cool.  He still has a lot of work to do on it though.  I really like the red it fits the truck.

Albuquerque 2011 146Albuquerque 2011 147Albuquerque 2011 148Albuquerque 2011 149

This are some of the front of the house and front yard

Albuquerque 2011 150

Albuquerque 2011 152

Tink in Papa’s Truck

Albuquerque 2011 156Albuquerque 2011 157Albuquerque 2011 158

Thank god it is an automatic though because she knocked it out of gear.Surprised smile

Albuquerque 2011 159

We had fun for the few days we were there.  I think Dad and MaryAnn were understandable overwhelmed with Tink. I completely understand that.   Raymond are usually at some point in most everyday.  Then she does something so stinking adorable and you forgot you were at your wits end. 

Thanks Papa Mel and MaryAnn for sharing your home with us.  We love you guys and hope to see you again soon.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Pictures

My borther Kevin and his Wife April gave us a photo session and phot credit with Sarah Shah Portraits for Christmas this last year. We finally got around to using it this last month. I loved working with her she did such a great job I wish I could buy all of the pictures she took. She just did a great job with Anora getting her to attention and working with her. Here is a sampling of some of the photos she took.

I want to say thank you SO VERY much for this gift Kevin and April I want you to know how much it truly means to our family. We love love love the pictures. THANK YOU again and we love you both so very much. And of course thanks to Sarah for such beautiful work.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marker fun

So last night marked a momentus event. I was checking my facebook account on my phone, Ray was in the shower and Anoras was watching a show on Netflix on the computer and being the multi tasker that she is she was also coloring.

Tink gets down from her tower and runs over to me with excitement in her voice "look mommy!" I look up to see this:

My Jaw dropped I said "oh no Tink" with such shock and disappointment that her smile went away and she wilted before my very eyes. She was nonestly so proud of herself she thought I was going to be thrilled. I truly felt bad for crushing her excitement. Fortunately it was a washable marker so no damage done. I laughed with her and took her to the mirror to show her what it looked like so she could see how funny it was. I must have truly squashed all of her joy and wonder at what she did because this was the look she had.

Poor baby she was so happy with herself. Well we will see if she does it again or if Mom's reaction quelled her interest in drawing on herself. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anora's Second Birthday

Just gonna load this one full of Pictures

Favorite Picture of Tink and I

Some of the decorations for the party.

I loved this balloon tower.

Mommy's homemade strawberry delight cupcakes.Wreath I made

Anora opening her gifts.

Anora had a wonderful 2nd birthday. Thank you to all who were able to attend. For those who were not able to make it....we missed you dearly. I know that if you could have been there you would have. Anora is loving her new outfits and so is Mommy.

That is one serious little face

Someone musta threatened to take her cupcake